Online Coaching Program

The online coaching program allows coaches to login and complete their pre-clinic assessment, search and register for nearby coaching clinics and complete their evaluation workbook, all online. The program also permits facilitators to login to the system to post clinics and to log back in afterwards to check off the coaches that attended these clinics.

The online certification process proceeds as follows:

  • Coach obtains a password from their local Member Association to access the online coaching program (i.e. Manitoba Lacrosse Association);
  • Coach completes their pre-clinic assessment online;
  • Coach registers for a clinic online;
  • Coach attends clinic;
  • Facilitator goes online and checks off the coaches as having attended the clinic;
  • Coach is now able to complete their workbook online (for applicable courses);
  • Coach submits their workbook online to the CLA (for applicable courses);
  • CLA staff member marks the workbook (for applicable courses);
  • CLA staff member sends workbook evaluation form to the coach (for applicable courses);
  • CLA staff member notifies the applicable Member Association and the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) that the coach has passed his/her workbook;
  • Coach applies for an in-person/DVD evaluation to the appropriate Member Association;
  • MA puts coach in touch with an evaluator, who completes the in-person or DVD evaluation;
  • Coach registers for online ethics test.

The online coaching program also includes the following resources: Season Planner Sample Season Plan Practice Planner Drill Library Videos Physical Testing Goaltender Resources Form 100s LTAD Coaching AWAD CLA Blog

To create an account, please log on to the site, register and pay via PayPal. Before doing so, please contact your Member Association as they may have already purchased an Access ID on your behalf. If you receive an Access ID, please make sure to enter it in the appropriate field on the Registration Form. If you have any further questions, please contact Dave Werrett (, SLA Coaching Coordinator.
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