The Equipment

Helmet **
Rib & Kidney Pads
Shoulder Pads *
Arm Slash Guards
Gloves *
Knee Pads (volleyball)
Athletic Cup Protection *
Mouth Guard *
Elbow Pads *
Neck guards - Players are not required to wear the hockey style neck guards in box lacrosse. Goalies are to wear the throat guards provided with the goalie equipment
Elbow pads may be worn in the place of slash guards, but slash guards are recommended in Pee Wee, Bantam and Midget divisions.

* Same equipment used for hockey. Goalie Equipment (not including helmet, hockey pants and mouthguard) will be provided by the league. Check out the Saskatchewan Lacrosse Association's website for more information.
**Lacrosse face masks can be worn but they must meet the guidelines outlined in the technical bulletin below.

Equipment can be purchased at our local sporting goods stores.

Club Equipment Sponor

Al Anderson's Source for Sports

CLA Stick Length Rule

Bantam/Midget/Junior: The player's stick shall measure not more than (46") nor less than (40") in overall length, and not more than (8"), nor less than (4 1/2") in width.The measurement for width is to be inside frame measurement. Nothing may beaded to or attached to the outside of the stick.

Peewee/Novice/Tyke: In Pee Wee and all lower divisions, the minimum length of the stick shall be (34") inches.
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